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Pictures, Quotes and Customer Testimonials:

CW Crab Picture "As Tournament champions we cover a lot of water and we depend on reliable lures that produce winning fish! The CW Crab has got the job done!"
Team Stiffy
Capt. Tadd Vandemark and Kevin Shaw
FLW Team of the Year 2007
CW Crab Picture "Hi, I'm Capt. Bubba Ray and I fish competitive redfish tournaments for a living, which means I need every advantage I can get! The redfish market was in need of a crankbait that was a redfish killer and the CW Crab is the answer! Perfect size, strong, durable and the life-like colors are second to none!! It's helped me put more fish in my bag!"
Capt. William (Bubba) Ray, Pro Redfish Angler
CW Crab Picture "Sight fishing for Southwest Florida summer snook on the beach is tough. The fish are spooky becasue the water is so clear and calm. The casts have to be good, the presentation great and the lure has to look and act just like live bait. The CW Crabs were great, just got them out in front of the fish and they got walloped! Threw to one snook with a suspending crab, as it raced towards it another snook came out of the weeds and nailed it! There are very few artificials that work consistently for these fish, the CW Crab is one of those lures!"
Rick Mozer, South Florida Angler
CW Crab Picture "Catching ling on the CW Crab, thanks for a great plug!"
Steve Hayes, Texas Angler
CW Crab Picture "The permit seemed to eat your crab lure just fine!"
Merry Beth Ryan, Florida Outdoor Writer
CW Crab Picture "There were several times, that we could not get a cobia to hit a jig or in one case even a livey, but when I threw out the CW Crab impregnated with shedder Smelly Jelly, they sucked it up! My final analysis is that the CW Crab is a great lure!"
Capt. Ron Rico, Sea Ayr Charters, Valkaria, FL
CW Crab Picture "Your lures catch striped bass and weakfish too!"
"Crazy" Alberto Knie, Long Island, NY
CW Crab Picture "Redfish love crabs and the CW Crab is the most realistic lure on the market today! On tournament day the CW Crab will be in my boat!"
Barnie White, FLW Redfish Series and IFA Redfish Tour Angler
CW Crab Picture "Redfish were caught using a two foot leader with a salt shaker about a foot above the CW Crab. They were cast into about four feet of water and popped about 4 times. Wait 30 seconds and repeat. Each redfish hit like a ton of bricks within 2 or 3 minutes!"
David Ludy, Texas Redfish Angler

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